Wednesday, October 23, 2013

One-Eyed Cat + Bella = Love

Awhile back I wrote about the outside cats that hang around our house. I haven't seen Calico or White Cat in awhile, but Orange Tabby and One-Eyed Cat are still around. In addition, Andy has a new best friend called "That Bastard", a black and white longhair that sleeps in the mulch behind the house.

I hadn't seen One-Eyed Cat in about a month or so, but last night Andy came home and said he was chilling on our front steps.

He said hello in all his one eyed glory.

We had a chat.

Then I had a great idea. Bella, who was once a stray cat in a rough area of town, would understand the plight of poor One-Eyed Cat. I brought her onto the porch to meet him through the glass (she's not allowed outside, and I have no idea if One-Eyed has any diseases, so better safe than sorry).

They gave each other nose bumps through the glass and pawed at each other. Andy started yelling about being hungry, so I brought her back inside. After throwing dinner in the microwave (gourmet shit in this house), I grabbed Abby and brought her to the porch. After some hissing and growling on Abby's part and some confusion on One-Eyed Cat's part, I decided Abby was not ready for a new friend.

Bella, on the other hand, sat inside and pined for her new boyfriend for nearly an hour. They just watched each other through the glass.

Then One-Eyed Cat went on his way, through the bushes to the neighbors house. Bella went to another window to watch him go. Then, after he was gone, she went to yet another window to make sure she really couldn't see him anymore. Then she sat defeated on her favorite pillow and pouted.

I'm pretty sure it's love. Let's just hope that he comes back sometime soon so Bella can stop pouting.


Ashley said...

Poor sad One-Eyed Cat. Do you feed the ones that hang out around your house?

We have a farm cat, but admittedly I've only seen it a couple of times. Once on our porch, and then the second time out near the field. The guy who used to live here fed his barn cats, so I'm wondering if I should do the same over winter...

Smart Ass Sara said...

So.... you cock blocked your cat is what you're saying? ;)

Amie said...

Poor she not allowed to date yet?!