Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Sick of Paint Samples

We have a stack of paint samples on our kitchen counter right now that doesn't seem to be stopping growing any time soon. We chose two new shades of green Friday night to try.

From left to right: Brush Meadow by Valspar | Heath Green 3 by Valspar Laura Ashley Home | Guacamole by Olympic | Olive Martini by Valspar

I liked Brush Meadow, but it was too bright. Andy liked Heath Green, but it was too pastel. Then I was back to liking the Guacamole color. I sat looking at them for probably an hour. Then we both decided we didn't like green anymore.


So it was back to drawing board. Our dining room is a darker gray (seen here), so I was afraid to go too dark in the living room. And then I had a brilliant (well at least I thought so) idea. Ever since I laid eyes on Plumage by Martha Stewart (I was just talking about it on Friday!) I have been obsessed. I have been thinking about what room I could put it in. It was too dark to do the entire living room, but what if I just painted one statement wall with that color and put something lighter on the other three walls?

Left, Plumage by Martha Stewart (see below for better picture of the color). Right, Winter's Day by Martha Stewart (it's a little darker in person)

Plumage, up close and personal. It's more of a dark teal.

I want to put Plumage on the wall behind our TV and then the gray on the other three walls (see here for a tour of the living room to understand the layout). It will coordinate with our dining room without being too matchy.

So that's where I'm currently at today with the paint samples. I'm still obsessed with the Plumage, so this might be the final answer (after Andy's approval, of course).

We weren't all work and no play this weekend though. Andy and I had not one, but TWO date nights. You can be jealous, it's okay. We went to one of our favorite restaurants on Friday night (yay for gift certificates!) and then to a new bar we have been wanting to try afterwards. Saturday we watched Creighton barely squeak another win in at the new sports bar in a cool newly renovated building in our neighborhood. After that we treated ourselves to our favorite pizza place in our 'hood and then home to watch our favorite TV show, An Idiot Abroad 2: The Bucket List. If you haven't seen it, you need to. We laugh so hard.

What did you do this weekend? Do you have any input on my paint sample debacle? I need your help bloggy friends!

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